The Brevity of Sunsets

I stand, in attendance of awe
The here and the now
The dissolving boundaries

I wonder, about assimilating colours
About the possibility of such complexity
About the privilege of witnessing such beauty

I behold, to what feels like time dilation
To what transfigures me into pure gratification
Even the shadows cannot help but lie flat

I get reminded, of withering transitions
Of probing into adjacent possibilities
And of the brevity of fragile endings

– Jagriti L.

17th October, 2020




Walls Crumble
Open Gates
Rushing, Sprinting
Dreaded feels fasten their pace

Unwelcomed, Unwanted
Get Set Go!
Say the Synapses

Beating Heart
Restless Mind
Conflicted Existence
Only a matter of time

An unfolding of the folded
Catalyzed series of events

Exhausted gases deplete from within
The star caves onto itself

But, a STAR nonetheless

19 March 2020



poetry picConsumes, Evokes, Conjures;
To go beyond the ordinaries
Connects, Surrenders, Immerses;
To the greater than ourselves

Attempts, Bids, Endeavors;
To answer the mystery of being
Aids, Helps, Assists;
To impregnate the present with meaning

Inclines, Inspires, Incites;
To contemplate as the unknowns may
Equips, Furnishes, Provisions;
To shatter the indifferences of everyday

Imitates, Adapts, Transforms;
To act as a magnifying glass
Italicizes, Bolds, Underlines;
To ensure moments don’t lose their class

Allows, Permits, Sanctions;
To let the infinities converse
Succeeds, Prospers, Triumphs;
To create ripples in the universe

7th March 2020